Legal Practice Consulting

We provide integrated and comprehensive support for legal cases. Our consultants provide expert reviews and advice to clients involved in legal proceedings. Our role varies based on client needs; from detailed overall evaluations and recommendations on specific claims to obtaining expert witness reports and quantifying damage claims.

Our team works closely with Newton Legal Group and/or the clients’ legal party to ensure the legal process is managed efficiently and effectively.

Key projects include:

Data analytics to determine performance and quantify damages in an international arbitration. This entailed our team working closely with the client, their legal team, and global experts to best position the quantum elements of the case.

Development of a marketing strategy and overall Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement for dispute resolution. We analyzed the priority aspects of our client’s case and developed a position best suited to business fundamentals.

We provide the following services:

  • Contract negotiation strategies
  • Quantifying damage claims
  • Modelling financial and performance dimensions
  • Overall case evaluation and recommendation
  • Restructuring and reviewing legal departments
  • Governance strengthening